5 Label Design Ideas to Help You Organise

Posted by Jay Narayan on

Any organisation junkie knows that labeling is a big part of organising. But, of course, it is not enough to just place tacky, department store labels. We love chic designs that stand out and add aesthetic appeal to our space. 

If you are a labeling junkie too, here are some label design ideas to apply on your home projects:

1. Paint Pens

Label jars

source: abeautifulmess

If you have calligraphy skills, then all you really need are paint pens. Black, white or metallic silver are popular pen colors to use when labeling clear jars. Get font inspiration from professional calligraphers, apps and other DIY labels.

2.  Stamps

chalk painted planters

source: rusticandwoven

The rustic look is very popular among DIY fans. It is easy to do, plus it has a chic, romantic finish. If you love growing your own herbs, this is a great way to put a personalised twist to your planters. Use white chalk paint to coat the pots and label them using stamp letters.

3. Chalk Boards

chalk board label

source: makeandtell

Another popular way to label kitchen storage items is chalk board stickers. You don't need to have the best handwriting to pull this off. See our blackboard style labels that you can use for kitchen storage here.

4. Printed Stickers

printed labels

source: shelterness

If you don't want the distressed look and prefer something more structured, you can also have stickers printed. There are downloadable designs available online or you can also make your own on your computer.

5. Polaroids

shoes labels

source: shelterness

A great way to label boxed items like shoes is to take a polaroid or picture and display them on the outside of the box. This labeling method allows you to easily view your things without having to open the boxes.