7 Inspiring Spice Storage Ideas for your Kitchen

Posted by Jay Narayan on

ideas to store spice jars

Spice jars can easily create a chaos in your kitchen cabinets, drawers and over the countertop. They also catch grime and every now and then you need to clean the jars with a dust cloth. So, to avoid all this clutter and chaos, simply organise all your spices at one place. See which one of these ideas inspires you the most:

1. Create a Narrow Pantry in The Filler Spaces 

spice storage pull out pantries

sources: atd contractors , bethhensperger

Narrow pull-out racks are trending quite a lot these days. In modern design, professionals follow the theory of every inch matters. Hence, they make the best use of any available space. We usually have some pieces of space that flank the stove or a narrow strip of empty space at the side of the refrigerator. That space can provide a home to your spice jars.

 2. Install Vertical Pull-Out Space Rack Drawers inside Cabinets 

acrylic drawer spice rack

source: vertical spice

A storage unit like this one with acrylic drawers designed vertically can easily be accommodated inside a kitchen cabinet. The transparent color of the rack makes it easier for you to read the labels and take out the correct required spices.

 3. Make Your Life Easier with a Magnetic Spice Rack; You Can Hack Your Fridge Too for This Purpose 

magnetic spice rack ideas

sources: poppy parade , 66 square feet

By gluing tiny magnets to small spice jars you can turn any metallic surface into a spice rack. Or you can also invest in a metallic sheet so that your spices can stay there because sometimes we do need some cleaning up of the fridge sides.

 4. Make a Spice Rack in No Time by Hacking Picture Ledges from IKEA

spice storage on photo ledges

source: timnemy

Gone are those days when one thing would serve one purpose. Multipurpose decor accents are very in trend in interior design these days. This is why you can see that how wonderfully some picture ledges are serving to stash spices under the cabinets.

5. Maximize The Space in Your Cabinet with a Swing-Out Spice Shelf

swing out spice shelves for cabinets

sources: wood mode , family handyman

Making the most out a cabinet is no more difficult thanks to so many innovative storage options just like this swing-out spice rack that can be installed inside a cabinet.

6. Equip your Cabinet with a Lazy Susan to Store All The Spice Jars

spice jars on lazy susans

sources: containerstore , homedit

Lazy susans are lifesavers when it comes to small spaces. You can organise all your spice jars with a lazy susan and you won’t have to worry about reaching the back row of spices. Every time you cook just spin and take out the desired seasonings.

7. Claim The Space of Any Drawer That is at a Convenient Distance from The Cooktop

under the stove spice drawer

     source: houzz

    Another great idea is to store the spices in a drawer under the stove at an arm’s reach. In a quick glance you can pick out the spices you need from such a drawer.