Bathroom Vanity Storage Ideas

Posted by Jay Narayan on

 bathroom vanities with storage

A clutter free bathroom is always pleasing to the eyes. Just like any other room of a house a bathroom also needs to be tidy and free of clutter and chaos. You can hack your bathroom vanity in different ways to create storage. In this way you won’t have to think for the perfect wall to hang shelves or the ideal nook to put a storage rack. If you will design your bathroom vanity cleverly, and provide it with smart storage, your bathroom will surely look beautiful. Here are some ways to create storage in a bathroom vanity:

1. Install Pull-Out Shelves Under The Sink

bathroom vanity under the sink racks  

sources: shelfgenie , kitchencraft

The space under the sink is usually ignored and put to no use at all sometimes. But by adding pull out shelves to it, you can beef up the storage of your bathroom. You can install a two tier shelving system with a small shelf in the upper tier to leave room for the sink pipe. Alternatively, you can install U-shaped tiered shelves that can wrap around the pipe. 

2. Put Dividers inside The Drawer

bathroom vanity drawer dividers  

sources: lowes , thesunnysideupblog

You can boost the functionality of the vanity drawer by putting in some drawer dividers that suit your storage requirements. Properly sorted things in drawers not only look good but make your life easier as you won’t have to organise the drawer every now and then. The dividers will do the hard work.

3. Place a Tiered Wire Basket Organiser Above The Vanity Counter

wire basket bathroom vanity countertop organiser  

source: goldenboysandme

A simple organiser with baskets can provide a good amount of storage at the vanity area. This solution is inexpensive as well.

4. Build a Vanity Storage Tower

a storage tower over the bathroom vanity counter  

source: 100things2do

We agree that not everyone is good at carpentry, but if you happen to know this skill then you can build a narrow vanity storage tower. Resembling a tiny bookcase, a vanity tower can store all your toiletries and beauty products in an arm’s reach.

5. Create An Open Shelf

 a bathroom vanity with an open shelf for storage

source: hgtv

Instead of building or investing in a vanity that has cabinets and drawers, you can choose something simple as well if your design preference is minimalist decor. Simply leave the under the vanity area empty to form a large shelf to store towels, paper rolls and toiletries.

6. Install Space Saving Pull-Outs

narrow pull-out vanity storage racks  

sources: theownerbuildernetwork , homebunch

If you have a sliver of space to spare at the side of the vanity cabinet then make use of it and install a pull out rack. You can store almost anything that you like. Such a pull-out system can even serve as a hair styling appliances station right next to the mirror area where you style your hair.