Clever Jewelry Storage Ideas

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ideas to store jewelry

While getting ready for a casual day in routine or for some special event jewelry is a must to finish off our look. But at the time of need it becomes tedious to find the right jewelry because usually we stash the whole collection in some drawer. So, why not organise your jewelry in a way that it is not only easier to sort and pick but will also serve as a decorative accent? Here are some big and small jewelry storage ideas that you can steal for your home depending upon the size of your collection:

1. Jewelry Stored in Drawers with Drawer Dividers

drawer dividers for jewelry storage

sources: californiaclosets , annieselke

Let’s say if you still want to stick to the traditional storage option for jewelry that is a drawer then why not make it manageable? There are many kinds of drawer dividers available that you can buy and get organised. You can take the measurement of your drawer and then invest in a combination of assorted drawer dividers to maximize the drawer area effectively.

2. A Mirror That Packs a Surprise

a shallow jewelry cabinet with a mirror

source: houzz

A shallow cabinet topped with a mirror frame is all you need for a jewelry storage that can always accommodate your ever expanding collection. You can outfit the cabinet with shallow shelves, hooks and pegs.

3. A Jewelry Organiser Created From A Clothes Hanger and Hooks

clothes hangers with hooks for jewelry storage

source: thedesigntabloid

Usually bracelets and necklaces are the clutter magnets. They get tangled with each other and every time you need a piece you have to first detangle them. So, you can make an easy-peasy organiser by screwing hooks to a clothes hanger.

4. A Multi-Functional Pegboard

a pegboard with jewelry organisers

source: the36thavenue

There is no storage purpose in a home that a pegboard can’t fulfill. So, why not use this versatile board for providing a home to your jewelry collection. Well sorted jewelry is also good for further purchases as you will always have in mind what pieces you already have and will save yourself from similar repeated purchases which are pretty common with those who have big collections.

5. A Jewelry Stand Made from Copper Pipes and a Wood Block

a copper pipe jewelry holder

source: homedit

Some pieces of copper pipes, connector joints, a wood block and a drill machine is all you need to make a stand for your jewelry that is as glamorous as your jewelry.

6. A Jewelry Stand Created from Dollar Store Finds

jewelry holder created with two dishes and a candlestick

source: remodelaholic

This organiser is made with two plates and a candle stick glued together with a heavy adhesive. The result is a jewelry storage option that has costed you very less bucks.

7. A Jewelry Organiser Made from a Picture Frame and Wires

a photo frame and wire jewelry organiser

source: kevinandamanda

An old picture frame and some crafting wire will let you create jewelry storage in no time. Such a jewelry organiser can be a wonderful decor for the vanity table in your bedroom.

8. A Jewelry Stand Made from a Tree Branch

a tree branch jewelry holder

source: redheadcandecorate

You can make a jewelry organiser almost free of cost by using a tree branch and slice of a log.