Corner Storage Ideas for The Kitchen

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When it comes to taking things out of a corner kitchen cabinet the struggle is real. Corner cabinets are usually an abandoned area because let’s admit it, no one has time to search all those dark nooks and crannies in depths. But in doing so have you ever realised you are under utilising the storage space of your kitchen and that this space, when in duty, can prove to be a decluttering source of your cooking space? All you have to do is to think clever and employ such storage and organisation solutions that will let you make the most of out of your kitchen and bring it in order.

So, here are some corner storage ideas that are worth stealing for your kitchen.

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Won’t it be interesting to have such a thing in your kitchen that you can spin and it brings your required stuff in front of you in the wink of an eye? Well, this magic can be done by outfitting your corner kitchen cabinet with a device known as a lazy susan.

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So now accessing even the most difficult parts of your corner kitchen cabinet is a piece of cake. This type of storage solution is ideal for storing a multitude of kitchen items such as pots and pans, small appliances like a baking mixer or a juicer and even the beloved collection of your spices and culinary oils.

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The second option you can work into your kitchen as a corner storage solution is the use of corner drawers. Made at an angle they are designed to fit in perfectly any corner space. Such drawers will bring to life all those dead corner spaces that are usually overlooked and thought as useless. They can fit in a small pantry inside them just like the second example showcases. They’re perfect for all those jars and boxes that sometimes have no home inside your regular pantry. So, such drawers can serve as an extension to your kitchen pantry.

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If you are not into the design above with a sharp angle then this one with a little curved design might be more appealing to your eyes. Such an outlook blends well with the side cabinets and if you are too particular about seamlessness of your cabinets’ look then give this one a whirl.

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The final organisation solution we have chosen to feature is the use of hard-working pull-out shelves. With shelves so innovative and friendly to use, your kitchen will no more have lonely corners. Chances are there with a corner cabinet outfitted with such a wonderful storage option, you will surely want to use it frequently and it will most likely be your favorite storage space. You can easily tuck away your pots and pans in such shelves and pop them out whenever required.

We hope these corner storage solutions will help you to eliminate clutter in your kitchen effectively and will give you some inspiration as well.