How to Add Storage to a Window Seat?

Posted by Jay Narayan on

window seat storage options

A window seat is itself a great use of space because normally window areas are overlooked in many homes. But you can let the window seat perform another duty as a storage option. You can either modify the existing seat with a little tweaks and additions or refurbish the whole seat with a new design that integrates storage. Let’s see how a window seat can provide storage:

1. Install Drawers under The Window Seat

a home office window seat with drawers

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A neat and tidy way to introduce storage to a window seat is with drawers. Drawers are easier to manage too as you can slide them in and out and store and take out your desired stuff. Such drawers are excellent to store extra pillows and sheets because you don’t take such things out every now and then. So, they can stay inside the drawers hidden away.

2. Outfit The Seat with Low Cabinets

window seats with low cabinets

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Low cabinets can also be added to a window seat. Such cabinets can also accommodate a radiator that normally is an eyesore in the home and hinders the beauty of the decor.

3. Carve Out Cubby Storage Units

window seats with cubbies for storage

sources: familyhandyman , coco29

If you want to embrace the storage instead of concealing it with drawers or cabinets then leave the storage open as cubbies. Now it is up to you to fill them with objects like books directly or create a partially concealed storage by tucking in square baskets fitting the size of the cubby holes. 

4. Flank The Sides of The Window Seat with Bookcases

window seats with bookcases at the either ends

sources: smalldesignideas , ultimatehomeideas

A window seat usually is ideal for reading purposes. So, if you equip it with bookcases at both the sides you can have your mini library nook.

5. Build Cabinets at The Sides and Drawers Underneath the Seat

a window seat with tower like cabinets and drawers

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If you want some extensive amount of storage to be present at the window seat then you can position the window seat amid two tower cabinets and install drawers underneath the seat.

6. Sandwich The Seat Between Drawer Chests

a window seat with built-in dressers at both edges

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A window seat can also be bordered with built-in drawer chests. The benefit of such a window seat is that it not only provides storage at its both sides but you also get two surfaces to put your stuff on as side tables.

7. Build a Seat with a Lift Top Over a Hidden Storage Compartment

A window seat with a flip top over a storage compartment

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The last idea we have picked is such a window seat that has a flip top disguising a storage compartment that can stash pillows, linens and much more.