How to Increase the Storage of a Bedroom

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bedroom storage options

Either a bedroom is big or small; it is always a good idea that you have ample storage available. In this way you can always keep your bedroom free of clutter. Say goodbye to the chair that has become almost a permanent closet of clothes and the piles of books that you often read with the storage solutions gathered here:

1. A Bed That Double Duties as an Organisation Solution

a bed with storage drawers and a bench

source: lushome

Multi-purpose furniture expands the functionality of a bedroom. This storage bed not only provides a space to sleep after a long day but also functions as a spot for storage. So, get more out of your space with beds that have storage underneath to become a catch-all of extra pillows, sheets and other stuff.

2. A Window Seat That Doubles as Storage

A green bedroom with a window seat bench

source: home design lover

When we think of a window the only thing that comes to mind to decorate it in the most effective way is the use of curtains or blinds that have some exquisite design. But there is so much more you can do around a window other than just focusing on the window treatment. You can install a window seat that has storage under it.

3. An Entire Wall with Built-ins

A bulit-in storage wall around a window seat

source:away with words

If you think just one seat with storage by the window won’t serve the storage requirement of the bedroom, then think big and go beyond the window by covering the entire wall with built-in shelves. To avoid making the room too busy you can choose white colored built-ins so that they won’t look overload.

4. Hard-Working Headboards That Provide Loads of Storage

Beds with storage headboards

sources: houzz , empiricos

If you have already invested in a simple bed that is going nowhere in the near future then you can modify the headboard and equip it with storage.

5. A Mezzanine Outfitted with Storage

A storage platform in a bedroom with a loft bed

source: kia designs

For a very small room that lacks floor space you can get a platform built. The height of the mezzanine can vary depending upon how much storage you want to create. The taller the more storage theory applies here.

6. Consider The Space Over the Door

over the door storage ideas for a bedroom

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Sometimes we want to leave the beauty of plain walls in its original form may be because you have painted it in a color that you love and don’t want to put too many shelves or cubbies. Then you can consider the space over the door. By using door organisers in different forms such as baskets, hook rails and pegboards, you can organise your stuff on the door.

7. Create an Open Storage Above or in Place of The Nightstand

storage nightstands in colorful bedrooms

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Your bedside has a lot of potential to provide storage. You can choose a nightstand that not only serves as a table to provide its surface for storage but also has storage packed inside it.