IKEA Bathroom Storage Hacks You Need To Know

Posted by Jay Narayan on


ikea hacks for bathroom organisation

If you want to organise your bathroom but have not much time on hands to build an organisation solution from scratch then IKEA is there to make your life easier. There are many products offered by this interior decor and storage giant that you can hack and make your bathroom clutter-free. From as small solution as a toothbrush holder to as big as a whole bookcase, IKEA has all. So, let’s see: 

1. Spice Racks are not Just for The Kitchen

    spice racks hacked for storing toiletries

    sources: loving here , suite revival

    These spice racks may look tiny but they have a function that is big. They are not just suitable to stock up spices inside your kitchen but can also provide a home to the toiletries as usually the bathroom vanity becomes a clutter magnet for all the toiletries that need a proper space.

    2. A Faux Planter Can Serve as a Wonderful Toothbrush Holder

      a faux planter hacked into a toothbrush holder

      source: ikea hackers

      This one is pretty interesting. By re-thinking an IKEA planter into a toothbrush holder you are going to get a bathroom that looks tidy as well as happy. Your storage will become a decor too. Isn’t it cool?

      3. An IKEA Raskog Cart Can Serve as a Storage on Wheels

      IKEA raskog carts used for bathroom storage  

      sources: lark and lola , digs digs

      This cart by IKEA is a life saver. Provided with trays in three tiers, it provides enough storage on wheels. It can store toilet papers, towels, toiletries, makeup and so much more. It also gives you the ease of portability at the same time.

      4. Convert An IKEA Kitchen Cart into a Bathroom Vanity

        Ikea kitchen cart converted into a bath vanity

        source: the handy home girl

        Who would have thought that a cart that is meant for a kitchen can end up in a bathroom after getting converted into a vanity?

        5. Hack an IKEA Bookcase for Storing Towels and Toiletries

          bathroom storage created with an ikea bookcase

          source: who what claire

          IKEA bookcases have one thing really handy. They have equal sized cubbies in a very appropriate size due to which they are not limited to be used for just organising books. Just like this IKEA bookcase that duties as a storage solution in this bathroom.

          6. Use an IKEA Rail Storage System for Bathroom Organisation

          ikea rail storage system in bathroom

          source: kaderique

          Rail systems offered by IKEA help you to keep the storage off the vanity counter. You can simply install them anywhere in the bathroom over any wall and create storage.

          7. Get Rid of Clutter with an IKEA Pegboard

            bathroom storage with pegboards

            sources: 1 , 2

            Pegboards are quite a thing these days. Designers are including them in many homes as they look really good and organise almost any space effectively.