Shoe Storage Ideas for an Organised Home

Posted by Jay Narayan on

 ideas to store shoes

Shoes can form clutter in no time. Since they are frequently used by all the family members, it is practically not possible to use them in a limited way to keep clutter at bay. But you can always think of possibilities, and create storage solutions for shoes. From as few pairs as two or three to a huge collection, we have ideas to suit everyone’s needs: 

1. Under The Stairs Pull-Out Shoe Racks

understairs shoe storage racks  

source: decoist

The space under the stairs is usually an overlooked spot. You can outfit it with a pull-out rack that can store the collection of your and your family member’s shoes. Such a rack is great for storing off season shoes as well. For example, it is summer now so you can store all your sneakers and boots in such a rack without the worry of them catching dust till next winter.

2. A Slide-Out Rack at The Bedside

 a bedside shoe organiser rack

source: houzz

With people moving more and more in small apartments, even bedrooms are now re-thought as places where storage can be created. So, you can construct a built-in system around your headboard and at one side provide a tower outfitted with a slide-out shoe rack.

3. An Entryway Bench with Storage for Shoes

a shoe storage hallway bench seat  

source: instructables

The place that is littered with shoes the most is none other than the hallway. To avoid an entryway in a topsy-turvy due to a pair of shoe here and a pair there, you can build a wood bench with storage under its seat for shoes.

4. Wood Crate Shoe Storage Units

shoe storage created inside wood crates  

sources: hometalk , applecrates

Decorating with crates has been trending in home decor and still is a hot favorite of many. Depending upon the size of your shoe collection, you can use one or more wooden crates to make shoe organisers with a rustic elegance.

5. Floating Shelves for a Storage in The Limelight

shoes displayed over floating shelves  

sources: morespoons , pennsgrovehistory

If you have a shoe collection that you don’t want to hide away in a rack or a shoe cabinet, then you can choose a blank wall in your home and install floating shelves over it. Then arrange all the shoe pairs over it and create a magazine worthy shoe display.

6. Claim a Bookcase

a bookcase hacked for shoe organisation  

source: stylemepretty

If you don’t want to or don’t have any wall to spare for shelves of shoe storage, then another similar and equally effective idea is to hack a bookcase. To prevent the bookcase with shoes from looking too busy, you can paint the bookcase in white so that it will become a backdrop for the colorful shoes.

7. Take Out Some Space in The Laundry Room

laundry room shoe storage  

source: decoist

A laundry room is not just limited for washing and drying purposes. It can easily provide some space for a few pairs of shoes.