Simplify your life with Kiwi Organiser

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A spick and span home appearing to have come out of a magazine page is the dream of all of us. You too can have a home that will give organisation envy to others by investing in home storage products that will make your life easier for many years to come.

Wouldn't it be great to have such a place where you can sit in the comfort of your own home and get your home organised? With Kiwi Organiser you won’t have to browse through different sections of a store to find that perfect item to declutter your kitchen cabinet or to store the ever increasing collection of your scarves. You can find so many interesting and clever products to simplify your life just a few clicks away. Better yet, they're delivered for free, straight to your doorstep.

A lot of Kiwi Organiser products come in different color variations too that is a plus as you get to tidy up your home in the most colorful way. From as small storage options as hooks to as big as hanging shelves, Kiwi Organiser has everything you need to corral clutter in your home while staying in style. Start simplifying your life with some of the Kiwi Organiser products below.

Kitchen Decluttering Products:

1. Slide Out Drawers

Find them : here

These slide out drawers can fit into your fridge shelves thus providing a little extra storage space vertically. Their use is not just limited to a fridge as any shelf or even a tabletop can hold them pretty effectively. Once fixed they can easily slide out just like normal drawers. The cool colors will also give a character to whichever space they are added.

2. An Over Door Towel Rack

Find it: here

Forget about finding the ideal wall to mount a towel rack after a tedious session of drilling holes. Just invest in this overdoor towel rack that can fit on any door size.

3. Lid and Utensil Hooks

Find them : here

They might seem small but their function is big. They can store lids, utensils, brushes and many other objects; you name it.

Bathroom Storage Solutions:

1. An Over The Mirror Mini Caddy

Find it : here

This teeny-tiny caddy has a big function. It can store a toothbrush and a toothpaste ideal for single person’s use. For a family simply stick as many as you like over the sides of the mirror and each person gets their own caddy.

2. A Shower Caddy with Colorful Tiers

Find it : here

These caddies have suction cups that provide a grip so that you can install them on any corner inside your bathroom or shower enclosure. Depending upon your requirement you can have just one or as many as four.

Laundry Room Organisers:

1. A Clip-It Hook Rack

Find it : here

You won’t have to browse all through your home to find that broom that you placed perhaps behind some door and now can’t recall its exact location. This space-savvy hook rack is all you need for storing all those brushes and brooms.

2. Clip-It Broom Grips

Find them: here

These are similar to the above product with the liberty of mono use as well.

Home Office Solutions

1. Storage Trays with Compartments

Purchase them : here

Give yourself a mood boost while working in the home office with this storage tray that comes in so cheerful colors.

2. A Flexible and Durable Cable Organiser

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Bid adieu to tangled cables with this durable silicone cable organiser that is compact and chic.

Bedroom Storage Products

1. Hanging Shelves with 6 Cubbies

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These hanging shelves can be squeezed into any closet or can use used as closet alternatives. Both ways they work great.

2. Hangers for Ties, Scarves and Belts

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Small objects such as scarves, ties and belts can create a mess in no time. So, give them a home with these super functional hangers.