Smart Kids Toy Storage Ideas

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toy storage ideas

Kids’ room can catch clutter in the wink of an eye. Minutes away and you come back to a room full of toys here and there. But that doesn’t mean that you will limit the amount of toys for your kids. By creating proper organisation solutions in your kids’ room you can control clutter effectively.  You can also educate and encourage your kids from the very beginning about clean up of the toys once they are done with playing. Let’s see how you can organise the toys of your kids:

1. Claim the Space Under The Bed

underbed toy storage crates on casters

source: schoolofdecorating

The area under a bed is in no use usually. And if the room of your kids is small in size, you can make use of that space for creating toy storage. By attaching casters to wood crates or old drawers, you can easily make a toy storage that can be tucked away when not needed.

2. Rethink Shoe Organisers

shoe organisers used for toy storage

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In the world of organisation, there is rarely one purpose of one thing. Just like a shoe organiser can be used to home soft toys and dolls of your children. Such an organiser can save you space as well because you can easily hang it over a door.

3. Spend on or Build Stackable Wood Storage Bins

stackable toy storage bins

sources: thefashionalchemist , rogueengineer

Stackable wood storage bins have a benefit that they store vertically. So, a room with less space can accommodate it too and can help you curb the mess toys can create.

4. Purchase or DIY a Soft Toy Zoo

stuffed animals zoo

sources: pinterestwoodenwares

A super cute idea for soft toy storage is this toy zoo. It has a wooden frame with ropes as bars of cage. You can choose any size of a toy zoo that you like.

5. Store The Toys in a Cubby Bookcase

toys stored in a bookcase

source: thesweetestoccasion

A bookcase is a very neat and tidy idea to store kids toys. If you choose a cubby bookcase then that will be even better because each compartment will store toys in an organised manner and rearranging the toys will be easier too in divided cubes.

6. Put The Toys in Baskets of Any Kind That You Like

toys stored in fabric, wicker and wire baskets

sources: crateandbarrel , jillianharris

Baskets come very handy when it comes to storage. Simply choose one or more , any type of baskets that go well with the room and stash in the toys. You can use toy baskets as fillers for a bookcase too.

7. Carve Out a Space Under The Window Seat

window seats with storage cubbies for toys sources: stylemepretty , popsugar

If your kids room has a window seat then hack it for toy storage like these.

8. Give a Home to Toys in Plastic Bins

toys organised in plastic bins

source: enfunny

Plastic bins are light weight and easy to carry option for kids. So, invest in as many as you like to store all the toys in a proper order.