Tiny Laundry Room Organising Hacks

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storage ideas for a small laundry room

A laundry room is that room in a house that works hard. It not only provides a space for the machines to be placed but also is a place where you keep the dirty and washed clothes sorted. And once they are out from the dryer the same room has to provide a surface as a folding station. With so many needs together in one laundry space, if the size of the laundry room is small, then it can pose a challenge of management and storage. But there is always a solution for every challenge or problem. By thinking a little out of the box, you can make the best use of the same small space in any one of these ways:

1. Boost the Storage by Building Shelves above The Appliances

shelving designs for laundry room

source : homebnc

Pack your laundry room with storage and practicality by installing shelves above the machines. In this way you will make use of the vertical space that would normally go underutilized.

2. Purchase Something Like This That Combines a Storage Cart and an ironing Board

a laundry storage cart topped with an ironing board

source: one crazy house

A décor feature like this that has a dual function and is easy to move around the whole house is surely going to ease your life and laundry time.

3. Build a Shallow Cabinet That Has a Fold-Out Ironing Board and a Few Shelves

shallow cabinets with fold-out ironing boards

sources: my old country house , homedit

No an inch to spare for placing a freestanding ironing board? No worries! Because you can simply fit in the ironing board to fold out at the time it is required inside a shallow cabinet. Such a cabinet can provide a sliver of space for some shelves as well.

4. Tuck in a Slim Rolling Put-Out Laundry Storage Cart between The Washer and Dryer or At The Side of an Automatic Machine

narrow utility cart

source: newly woodwards

You can carve out a spot for a narrow laundry cart on wheels that can store detergents and other small items at the sides of the machines.

5. Make The Most Out of The Walls

wall mounted clothes drying racks and shelves

source: hgtv

Instead of leaving your walls blank or decorating those with oversized frames that serve no purpose in a small area simply install racks for drying clothes or shelves that can hold laundry supplies or storage baskets.

6. Lift Up the Machines and Fit in a Store Bought or a DIY Laundry Pedestal

laundry room storage pedestals

sources: amana canada , married in mn

This one is a very genius concept in which by raising the machines by just a feet or two you can get a place for storage.

7. Maximize The Space with Over Door Organisers

 over the door racks for laundry room

sources: hgtv , telophase

No space on the walls or the floor? Then think about the door and install an over the door storage system and get your laundry room tidy.